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    Title we have mre than 300 Fire-Rated Portacabins for sale in UAE , OMAN and KSA
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    Post Date09/11/2014
    Expiry Date28/11/2014
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    Cheap Prefab Houses, Portacabins and Caravans in UAE , OMAN and GULF.
    Labor and Staff Accommodations, Guard and Maid Rooms and Ablutions and Kitchen for sale.


    Hello sir,
    We have Prefab Houses and surplus Materials for sale in UAE & OMAN Regions with bellow specifications.

    1) Prefab Houses with Hall type size: 09×3.5 & 12×3.5Mtrs.
    2) Two rooms size: 09×3.5 & 12×3.5Mtrs.
    3) Prefab Houses with Two rooms with kitchen & bath, size: 09×3.5 & 12×3.5Mtrs.
    4) Prefab Houses with Two Rooms with Two baths size: 09×3.5 & 12×3.5Mtrs.
    5) Prefab Houses with Three Rooms size: 09×3.5 & 12×3.5Mtrs
    6) Prefab Laundries sizes: 12×3.5Mtrs
    7) Prefab Masques
    8) Prefab Guard Rooms size, 3×3.5Mtrs
    9) Maid Rooms with Bath
    10) Prefab Double Floor Office with different sizes.

    Please if you have Requirement for any of the size, will Supply.
    If you have Surplus of above Materials than Please contact us.

    Mr Khan
    Cell No, 00971-50-4949127
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